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Not sure this is the right place to post a question like this, but someone might know.

I sent a copy of Killing Floor through Steam to a friend of mine (who also has a steam account). He signed into steam, and said that the gift message popped up for a second, and then Steam just crashed. He cannot see the game anywhere now.
Any ideas on how he can access the game? I can't resend it to the same account.
Under Games>Manage Gifts and Guest Passes on my account it shows that the gift is sent, but not redeemed. On his, no games show up.

Any ideas?
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    Whoops... This is a tricky one. The best you can do would be to log a support request with Valve directly. They should be able to check both accounts and verify your story.
  2. Well, next time he started up Steam, the game showed up. So it's all good now.
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