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In need of a new keyboard~

I'm putting this here and I'll just say I want a "gaming" keyboard because I don't know where this would fit(maybe components?)

Anyways, recently I've been in need of a new keyboard, I've had this DELL keyboard since 2006 and a few of the buttons either stick or don't respond properly. I never liked the keyboard that much, but it was the only free one I had other then my older one from a prebuilt I still have setup where the keys make a loud clicking noise when you press on them...which I really hate.

So, are there any good keyboards for under 50$? I would love one with lit up keys for when I'm in the dark, I tried playing STALKER CoP in the dark and it was a bother trying to find a certain key your looking for. Other then that, I just want a keyboard that I can find probably online, that works and lasts me for a good 2-3 years.
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  1. This is great keyboard, they now have a newer version of it so this one came down in price quite a bit but is still around 50-60$ There is an even older version of this keyboard that is still great and inside your price range called the Logitech G11 gaming keyboard.
    Something a little more inside your price range would be but im not sure if it lights up or not.
    And last, here is a keyboard that does light up, 50$ and is very comfortable to use also.
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  3. Thanks, I do like the Logitech. If that's the best thing within my needs and price range then cool, definitely looks to be worth it.
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