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Hi all. I've been playing civ 5 for a couple of weeks now. Before I bought the game I heard about the horrendous lag of Civ 4 in late game stages. Here, with Civ 5 turns never take longer than 30 seconds all the way to the year 2050. However, once I'm in the 1900s while the computer is calculating in those 30 seconds the game will lag. For instance, if I am trying to move across the map while the AI is having its turn, things get really choppy. Is this my processor, video card, too high settings, or just the way the game is coded?

Playing with an X3 445, HD 4850 1gb at 1280 x 1024. The settings are set to max and most of the time I have AA all the way up (although I did try it turned off and I didn't really see an improvement in performance)

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  1. I think everyone gets that, it is just the way the game is. I play it at 19 x12 resolution and it affects me the same. It might get reduced with patches you never know.
  2. Sounds like a CPU bottleneck. Games like Civ 5 tend to be fairly CPU demanding as they compute lots of stuff. If changing your graphic settings do not alter game performance, it suggests the limitation is either the CPU, or a hard drive / RAM swapping issue as data is loading.

    Considering this happens when hit the "Next Turn" button, it's more than likely a large amount of data passing through the CPU.

    The other thing to consider, the longer you play the game, the more crap gets loaded into memory. Also, generally speaking, the longer you play, the more player pieces there are to monitor. So the workload for the CPU should actually increase the more crap (units and resources) gets built up over time.
  3. When the AI is going, a LOT of calculation is going on. Trying to scroll during that period is not possible due to the MAJOR bottleneck going on by the CPU.
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