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All of a sudden my PC has developed this weird graphics problem. When I have certain things on the screen, everything gets this bluish tint and the window enlarges horizontally so that the File menu on the left and the X to close the program are off the screen. The scroll bar is missing too. Even the window itself gets this strange, darker hue. Here's an example: I logged onto the Tom's Hardware website and the home page looks fine. When I click to the the Tom's Hardware Community page the problem happens. If I go back to the home page it's fine again. The only difference I see between the two pages is the Community page has a darker background. It also happens when I try photo editing. What's really weird is, if I have one of these windows open for more than a few minutes the problem will still be there and when I close it and I'm looking at the desktop. Also, the more these offending screens are up, the more the problem bleeds over to windows that were previously okay and the dark and wider the screen gets. It's like something out of a horror movie. I think the whole thing started after I installed Sid Meir's Pirates! the other day. I'm pretty sure it also installed DirectX 9.0c. I'm wondering if this could be the problem. My graphics card is an ATI 9500 Pro with Omega driver 2.5.58. As I type this I'm downloading 2.5.59.
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  1. That is extremely crazy!
    At first it sounds like a monitor prob but the lack of randomness sort of kills that idea.
    Give standard ATI drivers a try too. I assume you are probably doing the omega 9500-9700 softmod. Maybe that is screwing something up or something is screwing it up.

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  2. I finished the Omega driver download and installed it with not relief from the problem. I'm starting to wonder if it's a monitor problem too. It usually gets the picture back to normal if I power down the PC and let it sit a few minutes before restarting it. Last night, after shutting down, I did a reboot and it got all the way to the desktop with a black screen. I turned off the monitor and immediately turned it back on and the picture was there. I'm wondering if certain screens cause the monitor to act up and it just gets worse as the monitor gets warmer.
  3. I don't think my knowedge in electronics is good enough to say if different screens can cause the monitor to do different things. I guess anything is possible with computers. If it is sitting on a black screen all through bootup and starts working again by turning it on/off I'd say it was definatly a monitor problem. Is there any way you could put that monitor on a different computer to see if it truely is the monitor? Or put your computer on a different monitor?

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  4. Well, I have the same ati radeon 9500 pro using latest omega drivers, and I never had a problem like this... I think you should try your rig on other monitor...
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