Strange Occurrence

I just had to post this, bear in mind, that I didn't Photoshop this in any way, merely resized.

Anyone care to offer an explanation? LOL
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  1. I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. I don't see what is weird, then again, I don't play Quake so I wouldn't know what the install screen SHOULD look like.
  2. It says "Quake 4" yet shows the symbol for Elder Scrolls Oblivion. :) Though the picture is tiny, it appears you have the Quake 4 and Oblivion icons on your desktop already.
  3. They're both installed, I believe I was Installing a Patch for Quake or something or uninstalling it, I was like... uhhh, WTF?

    there wasn't any oblivion windows (splash screen) open prior to this either. I just can fathom how this happened. total computer brain fart, lmao
  4. I think your computer took a *** in its quantum pants......
  5. Completely unrelated but I use the same desktop image.
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