PS3 160gb vs PS3 250gb

Is the only dfference the hard drive size?

I saw this package deal, and yes, I do not have Madden yet and thought this was a good deal.

Then saw this at Ebworld:

Or is this a better deal and then buy the games used:


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  1. None of the links worked for me.
  2. Yeh none of the links worked for me toooooooo..........................
  3. Go for the best price. It's so easy to upgrade to a larger hard drive. There are plenty of youtube videos on how to upgrade your PS3 drive and it doesn't void your warranty. On a new system it's even easier to do since you won't have any data to backup and restore.

    Check out a video and if you don't think you'll know how to swap in a larger hard drive then just go for a package that has the games you want.

    Also, none of the links work for me either.
  4. Quote:
    get a pc. consoles are too must junk from MS and Sony and the games are more expensive

    For the price of a high end gaming computer you can easily get 33 new console games. I have both and both have their uses so stop dissing consoles.
  5. Quote:
    For the price of a console you can get a budget PC and player higher than 720p 30fps on a TV

    I'd like to see you play Crysis on a budget PC. And some PS3 games are 1080p. Anyhow, this is the cosole forum. Go brag on the PC games forum.
  6. Opinions aside, PC is expensive but prettier. Consoles are cheaper and much more convenient.

    If budget's not a concern...then it goes like this...

    FPS = PC
    RPG = Consoles
    Racing = PC / PS3

    To answer the original question, if all is the same, go for the 160GB which should be plenty for your saved games, etc. If you plan on using your PS3 as a movie medium, then you can hookup an external drive to your PS3, which is much cheaper and more convenient in the long run.
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