Can't remember the name.

Ok, It has been forever since I played this game so the details are fuzzy, all I really remember was, for me, the funnest game ever. I remember it having a kind of 3 games in 1 type thing. The screen would load up and you could choose 1 of 3 games to play. One of them was a game where they're were all these blobs, your objective was to push blocks found on the map, too squish them. When you pushed a block if wouldn't stop until it hit another solid object or at the other side of the map. The second and third are REALLY fuzzy. I just know one was a side scrolling type game, just like in Ghouls and Ghosts, these chests would pop up out of the ground. All I really remember clearly from that was that their was a boss at the end of one of the levels where you had to dig and move underneath him to the other side, (sorry if that doesn't really help.) And lastly, with the fewest amount of memories, was a side-scrolling space shooter type game.

Sorry for the long description, if you guys have any idea what I'm talking about, PLEASE, help.
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  1. What system did you play this on?
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