World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1 SUCKS!

so i downloaded WoW patch 4.0.1 and whatever i open the game and i can't even do anything anymore, i cant check my mail, do any quest, kill any enemies, mount my mount nothing, i looked at my latency its freaking like 160000 for no goddamn reason but before this patch it was perfectly fine and had a latency of about 110.... so this is freaking retarded, oh yea it also randomly disconnects me anybody know how to fix it?
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  1. Complete reinstall
  2. Yea i would reinstall- if not put in a GM Ticket OR! Maybe its time for a better video card? Just depends - My laptop As of last monday, was only a little bit laggy when in 10 ICC - but 25 ICC Unbareable, so i went out spent 2,000$ on a new gaming desktop, which once its all fixed and put back together, ill hopefully be running 25 ICC with no issue. hopefully. (fricken better be or ill strangle someone) !ALSO- if you have been playing warcraft for the past 5 almost 6 years like i have you should know by now always the first 2-3 weeks of every BIG patch such as the BC>WOTLK patch or Vanil > BC always screws up the game for a nice amount of time.. Smae is going to happen with WOTLK>Cata, Its how blizzard buys time- atleast thats what i say! hehe So i would just wait it out and have patience! :D
  3. Did you disable your add-ons and reset the GUI?
  4. okay it's no FPS lag i get a constant 60fps, i deleted all my addons, and i dunno what the GUI is lol, i can't completely reinstall since every month i only get a 20gb download/upload limit and im already at like 16gb so if i did a full reinstall well then i go over it, so i can't
  5. It could just be a high load on the server. Patch day is prone to buginess. I recall similar behaviour during BC the first week it was out.
  6. alright, i'll wait a little bit,
  7. sigh googe is your friend, i bet you still have some add ons enabled, and or your vid and ram cant handle it, whats your specs? could be over loaded thats all. different "sections of Wow are done from sepereate servers, could be lag.. im suire you r good to go anyway.
    do a virus/malware/spyware scan for insurance(and might speed PC up)
  8. alright i have no addons since i deleted the WTF,Cache and Interface Folders, WoW doesn't need the greatest specs anyways and i run the game at ussally 60FPS constantly, and i know it's lag becuase it says my latency is ussally 3-5k (ms) and no other games lag at all
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