DiRT 2 Problems

I have 2 problems with DiRT 2,
1. The Game Starts in a window if I click anywhere after launching the game.
2. The game constently crashes inbetween racing when it is loading.

I have tried the workermaps fix to no avail, a ton of different stuff. It obvously works in DX9 but that's not the point it was meant to be ran in DX11. I have a GTX400 GPU. Neither problems exist in DX9? I don't know what to do at one point the window mode wasn't a problem but it has absolutely always crashed when it is loading the next race. I have the Steam version Win7, I submited a support ticket to Steam hopefully they answer the call because I have read nothing but problems about this game it's one of the worst supported games I have seen. If I can just find a file or setting to edit somewhere that controls the full screen mode other than the hardware_settings_config.xml file because changing the fullscreen setting to true in that file doesn't solve it. It's somewhere else like in a hidden file or something, I have tried deleteing and letting windows recreate the XLive and GFWLive folders and that didn't make a difference for this game. At that point I'm out of ideas, hopefully someone has some know how about full screen settings or something I might have to leave it up to Codemasters and Steam but they should figure it out soon because it's been months before Codemasters has gotten back to me with a solid solution.

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  1. The latest on this is that Steam and Valve do not provide the patch for DiRT 2 on Steam, I am waiting for a reply from Codemasters regarding that about weather they will provide Steam and Valve the patch that everyone else got or something.

    As for now I enjoy playing it I just have to forgive my computer because one game crashes sometimes it makes the experience of finally being in a race IN DIRECTX 11, that much better once I'm finally in it. Some people say their isn't a big difference between DX11 and DX9 well that's because DX9 was the biggest step forward in PC graphics hisotry, after DX9 we are touching up elaborating and perfecting. i.e. Shadows, lighting/shading etc. which aren't elements of graphics that need a lot of work post DX9. If you're actually playing in DX11 vs. DX9 the difference can't be noticed in a screenshot it's difference is noticed when objects are moving around the environment. When you can see the light reflections, and the shadows moving, tesselation, dissplacement maping for shading their are so many improvements.

    The reason some people think that their isn't a big difference between DX11 and DX9 is because in DX9 the graphics are all there they work most everything can be done in DX9 but MORE can be done in DX11 like I said elaborating and perfecting.

    DiRT 2 isn't worth playing in DirectX9 the gameplay isn't that great of a step forward but the graphics technology is.
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