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Any Mobos with AGP and PCI Express ??

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October 9, 2005 5:23:27 PM


I just bought an ATI x800 Pro AGP from a friend because I'm building a new computer. But I also want PCI-Express for future upgrades. Are there any boards that have both?


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October 9, 2005 7:38:02 PM

Yepper...the Asrock 939 Dual/Sata 2. No performance degradation in AGP. Plus the bios has true X2 support without flashing. Lastly it has an upgrade socket for next generation AMD M2 CPU. Hope this helps.

Asrock 939 D/S 2 / A64 3500+ Venice
2*512=1GB DDR400/ Sata 1 Dskstar 160
AIW 9600XT & 6800GT
October 9, 2005 9:55:19 PM

Yes, but this motherboard, while good for future upgrade for cheap people is also performing slower than nforce3 motherboard. Especially with the PCI-e video card. I seriously think that he should get an AGP only motherboard with either nforce3 or VIA chipset and later, when his videocard wont be fast enough upgrade to a newer motherboard, with newer memory standard and newer CPU and CPU socket. And running the newer non released M2 later with older components might just kill the performance advantage that the M2 may bring. See, most performance gain come with newer memory interface, newer storage interface, improved bandwidth and latency from newer chipset... That's what you want. A ferrari engine, in a chevy cavalier won't mayke it a race car. Yes, it may accelerate faster, because thaere is nothing that could prevent it to perform while going in straight line. But put it on a race track where it has to accelerate, cornering, braking against car that are built for the race will leave you in the dust, even if you have the best engine. Benchmarking is just that. It might give impressive number, but being put at work where HDD, graphic, sound,.. are used at the same time will make it performing no better that the slowest component.

Fact is, I'm pretty sure that this is what he will end up doing. Because, by the time that the x850 wont be able to pull out at least 40 FPS within game at reasonable setting, newer chipset, cpu, ram will be on the market and they wont be costing more than what they cost today.

Building for future is the worst thing to do, because there is always something better at the corner, and you'll end up running fast component on a performance crippled by older tech motherboard, or HDD, or RAM..

Get the best you can afford now, it will last longer, and you'll have more time to save for your next big upgrade.

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October 9, 2005 10:44:56 PM

uhhh... thanks for all of your opinion but cityroamer was just asking if there were any boards supporting PCI and AGP.

BTW Can any NF3 boards run an ATI AIW 9600xt & 68800GT side by side 'bout your board ?

Cityroamer, there are at least 4 *very* good reviews of the Asrock board...u can google them.

Asrock 939 D/S 2 / A64 3500+ Venice
2*512=1GB DDR400/ Sata 1 Dskstar 160
AIW 9600XT & 6800GT
October 9, 2005 11:33:54 PM

No. They cant. Especially the 68800GT..
Anyway, I don't say they are bad, I just say that they are not really the best thing that for futureproofing.

he already has a great video card. All he need is a good simple AGP board.

Unless he don't plan on keeping his videocard for so long.. Then it could be another story.

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October 10, 2005 1:04:15 AM

Thanks for the postings everyone. Glad you brought that board to my attention. Never heard of them before but I see they are owned by Asus. I would prefer to have an upscale combo mobo instead of a value line (like equivalent to the MSI NEO4 Platinum), but I noticed that AGP still seems to score better than PCI-E. So it comes down to how much I think PCI-E will take off in the next 2-3 years, which is how often I build a new machine. Hmm.....

Any other boards or suggestions please bring to my attn... Thanks!
October 10, 2005 1:39:55 AM

AGP bandwidth isn't even saturated right now. So PCI-e bandwidth is not yet fully utilized. And what make the game to perform better is not the interface, but rather the GPU. That why I recommend a good featured and fast AGP board that will lead you thru the 2-3 years your current video card will last you and then, get everything renewed with the best that will be available.

As for good AGP board, have a look at what your favorite brand maker make and post back with your pick for experience.

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October 11, 2005 11:38:11 AM

Chaintech's ULi M1695/M1597 chipset board has been delayed, and they won't tell me why. But Chaintech makes good quality boards, at least better than AsRock.

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