Comparision between gaming pc and ps3

which is better for gaming-a high end pc,ps3 orxbox 360
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    which is better for gaming-a high end pc,ps3 orxbox 360

    If you simply want to play games, then go for PS3 or Xbox360. If you want to play certain titles like God of war series then go for PS3 but if you like Halo series buy an Xbox360. However if want to do gaming as well as other activities like web browsing, photo editing, video editing, etc. then maybe a high-end PC will do?

    So, what kind of gaming do you want to experience..........?????
  2. Terminator has a good point. Consoles are quite easy to get into and seemsless to setup. You buy and you play.

    PCs on the other hand, are quite complex to build (especially for titles like Crysis or GTA 4). Also, PCs will cost you about 5 times the price of a console. However, if you want the best graphics (up to twice as better looking than a console), then I say go for PC.

    Each platform has its pros and cons. Tell us what you fancy and we'll recommend accordingly.
  3. It's tough to say. The advantages to a pc are the wider variety of games and the ability to upgrade, with more options comes more potential glitches and troubleshooting as well. Consoles are fairly worry free, you put in the game and you play.
  4. Also consider PC can use either keyboard and mouse or a control pad and a keyboard and mouse is essential in some games and a big advantage in others
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