just bought ffxiv and i keep getting message saying ffxiv has stopped?? i've read various posts on this and cant find answer, i've got a alienware i7 2.66ghz and ati mobility hd 5870 card, i've read the card won't work? will it ever be compatible?? i've got latest drivers and everything else can anyone help???
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  1. This is a question best asked in the FFXIV support/community forums since it specifically deals with FFXIV and what it does and does not support.

    I'd ask there, and possibly look at the game FAQ to see if they specifically setup the program not to run on Mobile GPUs claiming they aren't supported perhaps.
  2. It's not a compatible prob it's cause SE made a mess of FFXIV, My GTX460 and most of my friends running a range of cards have all had this prob in fact FFXIV favours ATI and a 5870 should be running max settings 60fps 1080p with ease
  3. We're talking 5870 Mobility (laptop) keep in mind. :)
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