I recently bought the ASROCK 939DUAL SATAII together with a new ANTEC case with a smartpower power supply.
This combo won't boot. When I use any other PS that I have the board boots. Also the smartpower is working fine in 2 other systems. Now I found out that the Antec has no -5V pin in the ATX connector (my other to PSU's do have -5V). According to the ATX spec as of version 1.3 the -5V is obsolute so the PS is according to spec. The documentation of the board just mentions ATX and no version. As it is a SATA board which doesn't have any ISA slots one would think it should comply to ATX 1.3

Anyway I am not the only one with this problem it defenately seems to be the combo that doesn't work and I really suspect it has to do with the -5V.

Can anyone verify this?


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  1. Urf, I'm having the same problem. Got the same mobo and a SONATA 2 case from Antec with a smartpower 2.0 450W PSU. Plugged everything in, hit the power button, nada.

    I'm a noob though (first system built from scratch) so I wasn't sure what was happening and came here to see if anyone had any problems. Looks like I might not have actually set things up wrong.
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