Lost Planet 2 and Directx 11

Hey, i've got a problem running Lost Planet 2 in dx11.

The problem is... it only works when i run the game in window mode, when i turn it to fullscreen i can still save my changes and whatnot in video settings menu, but when i back out to the main menu it just stops on a plain screen and i have to alt+f4.
Directx9 mode works in both fullscreen and window.

And well the main issue with that is that im running 2x hd5770 in crossfire and crossfire doesnt seem to work with games in windowed mode, so running benchmark in window with dx11 i get 10fps average, while running it in fullscreen in dx9 gives me around 35fps (20fps in dx9 windowed). Was running all those test on max details/resolution, in case it matters.

So my question here... Does anyone know how to get Lost Planet 2 to run in dx11 fullscreen, or eventually how to get crossfire to work with games in wondow mode.

Im running 2x hd5770 in crossfire, Ahtlon II x4 640 (3ghz) and 4Gb 1600Mhz RAM, on a Win7 64-bit with the latest directx and gpu drivers.
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  1. Is this a legal copy?
  2. So you can't run the full game in fullscreen DX11 mode?
  3. Nope, i can not.
  4. A shameless bump :)
    Does anyone have an idea why the game might not be working for me in Dx11 fullscreen while working in window mode?
  5. Bad move!

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