MoH or CoD7

i think its a simple enough question which one is better please take into consideration that i am south african and that cod7 may not have dedicated servers we might though... im praying that we do all input will be greatly appreciated thank you
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  1. neither!
  2. N.Broekhuijsen said:

    neither? really? u dont like any of them wow ok well then umm whats a good game to get ryt now ive got some cash n i want a new game
  3. CoD-Black Ops have dedicated server's....sorta. You can rent and control a dedicated server with full admin rights...but only from a single provider dictated by the game developer. This will stop mod-packs etc from being used, unless they are released by the developer. However, they promise an Rcon like control, the ability to kick/ban people and other general admin abilities. I'm in a CoD-MW clan that skipped MW2 but are going to try Black Ops. We already have a server reserved. We where hesitant about the single source of servers, but it looks like it should work.

    The game looks quiet awesome, and we hope the multiplayer will be fun. We played CoD-World at War which is by the same developer (Tryecharch) which was pretty good.

    Medal of Honor has been something of a disappointment from what I've been told by friends who have played it and online reviews.
  4. I think all these COD games and MoH games these days are too commercialized. They have ruined the games by making them appealing to relatively non gamers.
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