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For any1 interested in playing two words 2, or just checking up on that lastest news etc. :ange:
updated on the fly... enjoy :pt1cable:

"Two Worlds II" has gone gold and goes into production on Monday. However, due to the planned pan-European Multi-platform shipping and related enormous quantities [to be produced] the release of the game cannot happen on 21 October. Therefore, the hit RPG is now slated for the November 9 2010 street date.

Minigames in Two Worlds 2..........

latest video.........

2 w 2 map .........
with music & screenshots...

latest screenshots.......
 [...] /2w2ff.jpg [...] /2w2ff.jpg [...] 2/2w2i.jpg [...] /2w2ee.jpg [...] /2w2cc.jpg [...] /2w2bb.jpg
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  1. Good to see that the Devs at Reality Pumps have made an overhaul to the graphics engine.

    Anyway, i wanna thank You for posting this info, I really liked the first game and i´m looking forward to play this one.
  2. Sinsation Station said:
    Good to see that the Devs at Reality Pumps have made an overhaul to the graphics engine.
    Anyway, i wanna thank You for posting this info, I really liked the first game and i´m looking forward to play this one.

    Your welcome man i was wondering if someone was going to reply. I thought no one was interested in this game
    Yea the graphics have improved a lot, glad it went dx11. Those dungeons look so good :love: There seems to be an awful lot to do in this game, mini gaems , thousand s of spell combos etc im hoping to get 150+hours out of it .
  3. Exclusive Two Worlds II Screenshots Depicting Multiplayer!

    Upper-world island adventures will retain the lush jungle vibe known from the singleplayer campaign - with all the gorgeous graphics!

    Not all of the co-op has to do with fighting. Some areas will instead welcome ardent explorers - there's not just regular dungeons, but also caves and even islands to explore together with your friends!

    Some of the creatures in co-op mode will be boss-like and require tanking. Steel Golem is basically resistant to all physical and magical damage and has to be worn down with arrows and specific magics or through the traditional "tank&spank".

    PvP and PvE aside, TW2 has also a unique feature to offer - the Village Mode! This is the first official picture taken in the latest Village Mode build. This micro-economy strategy mode encompasses managing a living, breathing medieval economy of a small settlement whose lifelihood depends on your investments and protection!

    In co-op mode you can fight tough creatures with others. Some of the creatures can be very hard to defeat - like Mantis (Trachidis). Note the many resistances the creature possesses, including spiritual and poisonous damage resistance.

    Topware Interactive have just released a brand-new epic trailer showing a glimpse of Antaloorian history that leads up to the events in Two Worlds II (presumably taking place after the events of Two Worlds 1).
    In it, the vast army of orcs launches a full-on assault on Gandohar's castle in Oswaroth (the part of Antaloor known from Two Worlds 1), only to fall to a mere fraction of Gandohar's (or perhaps the hero's, or even Kira's?) vile magics.

    Make sure you watch in 720p(HD) for the Full Visual Experience
  5. have run a few tests on a few rigs to check the performance gains in Two Worlds II vs. the GPU used, CPU cores available, and Clockspeed of the CPUs. Tests were ran on various reference rigs in 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 resolutions in New Ashos and Hatmandor.

    TW2 framerate: CPU Comparison by Clock

    TW2 framerate: CPU Comparison by number of Cores

    TW2 framerate: GPU Comparison by Card, 1680x1050 resolution

    TW2 framerate: GPU Comparison by Card, 1920x1200 resolution

    In addition to comparing the performance with objective number in benchmarks, they've also shown a bit of scaling done with 2 different setting types: overall quality (minimum/maximum total detail) and view distance (from minimum to maximum).
    This is not Grunka-Lunka, this is TW2 in minimum detail - the faces do look like out of a cartoon.

    There's a clear and visible difference in setting, post-processing seems to play the biggest part.

    As screenshots and data above suggest, the GRACE engine is fully optimized for multi-core operation and is well capable of using up any GPU power you throw at it. In addition, the scalability of graphics detail is very visible, while not relying very heavily on distance rendering cut-off for optimization. This is visible in the distance-setting screenshots above - despite three different distance settings, the overall picture quality seems almost unchanged, denoting engine optimized for highest framerate at overall good graphics no matter what distance settings.

    you can check out the thread for the other 2 shots.
  6. sirkillalot said:
    well capable of using up any GPU power you throw at it.

    This is just plain BS. I have HD5970@Catalyst 10.10 and I have terrible, terrible framerate, ~15fps. Doesn't matter if I set details to full or totally to low, still terrible. Only thing which helps is turning of Catalyst AI, then I get 50+ fps at max details for a little while, sounds starts to screw and then game freezes. If I turn Catalyst AI right away and then start the game, it freezes at start.
    So yea, GRACE engine has big problems with Crossfire GPUs, if you have dual chip graphic card, you are screwed like me :S
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