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How do I enable the TCP/IP protocol in Windows XP?

I got 2 computers at home and I'm trying to connect them together by crossover network. From the forum here I was told to set the TCP/IP thing but I dont know how in XP. Im new to Windows XP and know little about it. Please, help me!

From Hecman
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  1. Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connection -> Properties -> Install -> Protocol

    Funny thing is, TCP/IP is usually enabled by default. Not sure why yours isn't

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  2. you will also want to know some Dos commands for XP (same as NT but I am assuming you are coming from Win9x). go to run and type command or cmd which will bring up the dos prompt. "ipconfig" shows the ip addresses, "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" will release and renew.
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