The Perfect Trackball?

I'm looking for an ergonomic trackball for gaming, similar to the logitech cordless optical trackman. what's important to me is that the ball is on top, positioned for the index and middle fingers, and the right and left mouse buttons are on the left side, positioned for the thumb. (I had to use uberoptions to get the logitech trackball to work like this, but at least it had the buttons in the right place.) Microsoft used to make a trackball with a similar design, but it's almost impossible to find nowdays, except on ebay for ridiculous prices.

The Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman has served me well, but it's not really designed for gaming, and theyre getting harder to find.

I'd love to find a trackball with a similar design that has gaming in mind, at the very least a more accurate tracking system like you'd see in a Razer, and extra customizable buttons would be nice.

I've gotten used to using a trackball for gaming, I can't imagine using a sniper rifle with a mouse anymore. and you can spin around on a dime without knocking half the stuff off your desk.

I've seen trackballs sold as gaming trackballs, but the tend to be boxy square things that I've found painfull to use for long periods of time.
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