Dead system: K8T Neo FSR

Okay, I have come again (after a long absence) to pester you guys for a little slice of wisdom.

About 2 hours ago I came home to find my system not powering up. Last time this happened to my secondary system it was a bad power supply, so I swapped them out between computers, and nothing improved (my secondary system powered up fine with the "bad" power supply.

I can usually troubleshoot a system that won't POST, but one that won't power up!?!?

My wife actually has an identicle system to mine (I built them in tendem) and the RAM and CPU work fine in hers (and her make no difference in mine, it still won't power up).

Oddly enough, I've gotten my system to power up (but not POST) by yanking the 4-pin CPU line from the motherboard... The power-up isn't consistantly successful, maybe about 70% of the time, but I am 0% on power-up when the 4-pin is plugged in.

Regardless, it won't POST. So I am thinking it is a dead MB at this point, I'd like some input on that though (especially what WOULD cause this... I haven't, for instance, swapped my vidcard with another, could that be a factor)

But what I really wanted some feedback on is this:

I am on a budget.. Replacing the K8T Neo is in my range, and as far as my OS is concerned, it'd never know the difference... Yay for me, I really don't want to waste my week on this.

But if I didn't know better I'd say that the K8T Neo FSR is full-on discontinued... I've hit 2 bad ones now out of 5 total... My confidence on this board is low... but at the same time my $60 investment is fine as a temporary one for now especially in light of the fact that I really don't want to sit through a re-install of WinXP and all the backup I'd need to do on top of that...

So... Anyone aware of anything particularly insideous about this MB, or is it just your basic piece of crap that I may get another year out of before it dies a horrible death?

I am not some amateur-crastinator... I am a PRO-crastinator!
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  1. Check the capacitors. The 4 pin suggests the cpu power cct, so that's a good place to start. If you dont have a good hand with a soldering iron, ask Crashman for a price, or check out your local shops.
  2. Sounds like a real bummer Fyrsign. My personal system is using an K8T NEO FISR2. Same as your board except with an extra 2 port sata controller. Been running great under heay gaming use for nearly 2 years now (knock on wood). I also have a small (on-the-side) buisness building custom high performance machines (averaging about 6 a month lately) were my partner and I use almost exclusively MSI for desktops and TYAN for servers. We might be just extremely lucky but we have never had a bad board yet (knocks harder on wood). I wish someone could explain to me what would be the root cause of a board going bad after a year or so of good operation. What exactly causes the cap's to go out? Heat? Does you system run hot? You would think that if it the board had a bad part it would go out within the first week or so.

    Anyway, back on topic. The FSR and FIS2R are indeed discontinued. They replacement board is the K8T NEO-V. Nearly identical in features except that it doesnt have gigabit ethernet. We have used of couple of these boards as well with no issues to speak of. It is probably similar enough to your current board that you wouldnt have to reinstall windows. Just some drivers. For just another $5 or so you could as get a K8N NEO-V with slightly faster nforce3 chipset (I have no personal experience with this board though).

    Another option is to try an RMA. MSI warranty is 2 year parts and labor and 3 year parts.

    My last suggestion would be try and swap all the other parts to ie the hard drive, optical, etc. You never know.

    Good luck!

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