Pls help! Sys won't boot after BIOS Update

Hi all, I'm new on this board but I've been visiting the site 3~5 times per week for a while now.

And here's my problem: Last Saturday I built a new system, Intel P4-2.6 + ECS 848P-A7 Mobo + EVGA FX5500 256MB + 512MB Kingston PC-3200. After installing WinXP and all the updates, I installed the video driver and the screen turned white and filled up with black dots aligned horizontally, and it would reboot itself and doesn't boot up unless I reset it. I tried everything I know and even followed instructions from EVGA techs and nothing worked. Until this morning i decided to flash the BIOS so I went to ECS site, followed the instructions and flashed the BIOS with the one that showed the correct model# for my mobo, and rebooted. Then after that the system won't boot again. I tried clearing the CMOS, tried removing the CMOS battery, nothing worked. It seems that the BIOS is destroyed.

Can anyone please offer their expertise in this matter? Your assistance will be appreciated!
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  1. Do you have any other video card that you could try? this one seams flakey. Maybe that what stoping it from booting!

    otherwise if the bios is dead you might be able to ask ECS to ship you a new BIOS Chip, that is if its not directly soldered to the Mobo...

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  2. Out of curiosity - how much did you spend on that system?

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  3. I did try another video card AFTER the system stopped booting up...and it didn't boot up still, so that means it's the mobo.. -_-

    Luckily the BIOS chip sits in a socket, but I'm still waiting for ECS's reply. In the mean time I wanted to see if anybody can help to get the system to boot, IF there's any slight chance.
  4. CPU + mobo = $99.99 after $40 rebate
    RAM = $45
    HDD = $75
    VGA = $60
    DVD = $35
    DVDRW = $55
    ULTRA Case + 600W PSU = $49.95
  5. A case and 600 watt psu for $50? I think not. Got an old psu around? Not that your bios isn't toast, but does the system turn on (all the fans like cpu and psu and gfx)and run just fine? If not, it's your psu. Mind you, the psu may have failed while you were flashing.
  6. Yes the system powers on, all fans turning, and system checks both DVD drives and the HDD tries to load too, just nothing shows on the screen, can't go into CMOS and the HDD stops loading after about 10~15 sec and stops and it just hangs there.

    I bought the case and PSU, CPU and mobo from Fry's. They are running several special right now and there's instant rebate and mail-in rebate on many products. The case without PSU was listed for $40 w/ $40 rebate, PSU was $89.95 w/ $40 rebat also.

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  7. Everything else turns on!

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  8. Perhaps <A HREF="" target="_new">Tmod</A> can help.

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  9. Already spoke to an ECS tech and have confirmed that the board had a faulty BIOS chip. Took it back to Fry's tonight and got a full refund. Don't ever buy anything from ECS Elitegroup again.

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  10. It's a crapshoot with ECS. Some of their boards are terrific, but they have quality control issues.

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