Ethernet problem PS3

I use an ethernet cable to connect my ps3 to my laptop. from there I use a USB internet stick to access the internet.
ALL MY SETTINGS ARE CORRECT on both ps3 and laptop. although the ps3 tells me that An ethernet cable is not connected. YES IT IS! this is driving me insane please help!
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  1. That will be right Imsostuck!.

    I bet your using just a normal ethernet cable you found.
    What you infact need is a ethernet cross over cable, known as an X-over ethernet cable.
  2. I have no idea but my uncle picked up the cable for me and hes a computer techie so would have to know something? it had been working fine with this cable for months.. now just wont recognise that its plugged in :(
  3. This isn't the best way to get your PS3 on the net. If you do get it working with a cross over cable It wont be very quick. All network cables will be non-cross over by default, unless it is specified on the cable. You can tell by looking at the connector end, and look at the coloured wires. If they are in the same sequence at both ends (white/orange, orange, white/blue, blue, white/green, green, white/brown, brown) this is a normal network cable, if they are opposite at each end that is a cross over cable.
  4. ok well its not cross over then. I just want to get it working and im not very good with these things. I know its nothing to do with settings as ive had it going plenty before. Just not detecting that the cable is inserted. A lot of people have this problem but the only solutions i can find online are ones that are explained when using a router etc. *sigh*
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