ASUS/ASRock mobo problems.

I'm in serious need of help here, and I hope you guys can help. Ok, so I decided I want to put together a new system, my second custom system. So I order the following from newegg:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice
1GB (512x2) Corsair Valueselect 184-pin DDR 400
ATI All-In-Wonder X600
200GB SATA Maxtor HDD
Sony 16x DVD-Rom

So then I get looking at motherboards. Someone that wrote a review for the 3200+ suggested the ASUS A8N-E. The reviews seemed good enough, so I added it to my cart. Then I made a really bad choice. I forgot to get an extended warranty on anything, but just said "Oh well, Ill be fine", and didn't cancel it and start over.

I get the thing all hooked up. No display on the screen, no lights on the case, but all the fans were running. I recheck the connections, everything seems fine. I try again. Same result. Crap.

I get on the phone with ASUS. They say it'll be a two minute wait. I wait for twenty minutes. The come back with a recording that says it's a three minute wait. After 26 minutes, the line gets disconnected.

Rather than mess with that, I go back on newegg and order the ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 ATX motherboard, not knowing ASRock is part of ASUS. I remember to get the extended warranty this time.

I get it, build the system a second time, and I get almost the same problem. No display, but the lights on the case and all the fans work. I put in my older ATI 9200 AGP card to make sure that isn't the problem, but no, still no display. All the connections are right. I assume this means it's a dead board, correct?

So what should I do? RMA the ASRock for a new one (my third ASUS related board), or just return it and get another (better?) brand mobo? I'm getting really aggrivated with this and am regretting trying to build a computer myself. How should I attempt to save this trainwreck of a project?
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  1. Chance to have 2 motherboards that goes bad is rather unusual.

    What you should RMA is rather the user.. The hardware is probably good.

    Probably an insufficient power supply.

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  2. What's a trustworthy brand, anyway? I'm not looking to overclock, I just want a good, decently priced motherboard for standard running speeds. What would you suggest for that?
  3. What beep code are you getting? If you dont have a system speaker attached, do so, and tell us what it says.
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