Red Dead Redemption

I have been given a PS3 with red dead redemption as a present. I had heard many great reviews of this game. But it sucks ass. Graphics are lame, gameplay is lame, storyline is boring. Is it just me or are there other people who are dissappointed with this game?
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  1. I thought it was great, the graphics aren't but the game itself I thought had a great story, and the game play, aside from the odd bug here and there was very good. I guess that's a matter of taste though
  2. yeah, i think ill just keep the ps3 as a blueray player/HDTV recorder and for racing games (Gran Turismo 5). Shooters and RPG games my 4 year old PC is still better for.
  3. I loved it, but you have your own opinion. I don't see the attraction with Modern Warfare, but that's such a big hit.
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