Stuttering in crysis

I just installed crysis warhead to test my new machine.
(phenom2 x2 550
2gb ddr3 1333
HD 4770 512mb ddr5
asus m4n68tm v2 mobo)
seagate 500Gb hdd

The thing is that in crysis (dx10) i find a lot of stuttering to the point of not playing :( in enthusiastic graphics. AA is turned off but V-sync in on. I tried in dx9 mode same settings and found things were much better but with ocassional stuttering and long loading times still playable very much. I would like to know what is causing this stuttering. I alt-tabbed to find memory usage is 91%. Is my memory amount less? or is my graphic card unable to play crysis in enthusiastic mode?
I use a AOC 18.5" LCD with 1366*768 resolution. I am using win7 enterprise 32bit.
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  1. Problem 1: You're using a 4770 512MB with DX10. (Switch to DX9 mode)

    Problem 2: 2GB of RAM with Windows 7 is fine, but 4GB would probably free things up a bit more to be safe.

    Problem 3: Crysis can be CPU demanding. Although a dual-core does fine, the faster the clock speed the more it'll free things up.

    Once you sort these issues out (DX10 being your biggest problem) you can then start adjusting your graphic settings to see what performs best. But you really need to play with DX9 mode before you'll see decent performance.
  2. dont test your budget build with crysis, your problem is your processor and ram, since your playing at such low settings I dont think your VGA is the one to blame at this settings but its also not enough for this game at higher resolutions.
  3. Your video card is not able to play in enthusiast mode since it is rather weak for Crysis. Even high-end card had problems with Crysis when it was released liek the much faster HD 4850, 4870 and 4890.
  4. I recalled a Youtube video about this guy dressed in Crysis armor suit, battling throwing grenades to the front, then clings to you.

    He opens his helmet and talks about how nice Crysis game is as "You can feel the sand hitting your face." then scans your PC for components. In some part he says, "To get the best you need to arm yourself with the best: NVIDIA SLI! NVIDIA SLI! Huhah! You know what I mean."
  5. ya now im playing in dx9 mode.. :D playable...
    bt should i increase ram to 4gb now or should i wait for prices to drop?
    and is overclocking cpu better than increasing ram for my system ?
  6. FYI: I highly recommend putting VSYNC OFF. In most games (including Crysis) you'll get a significant FPS drop while VSYNC is ON.

    I say you should only turn VSYNC ON when you're getting an average of FPS that is higher than you monitor's Frenquency. (i.e. if monitor's frequency is set at 60Hz, and you're getting an average of 40FPS, then leave VSYNC OFF).

    Make sense?
  7. Guys, this is the resolution:
    Credit to mespo365 who found the resolution for the problem.
    It worked for me!
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