Is there a way to spectate in MW2?

I want to spectate but I get kicked for inactivity :(. I really loved spectating in cod4 :(
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  1. No, there is not.
    MW2 is a huge mess in multiplayer from a competetive point of view (no spectating, no servers, no reliable ping)
  2. Hopefully with the return (sort of) of dedicated servers and admin controls in CoD-BO we will be able to spectate. Its a great method for catching cheaters. I still play CoD-MW with my clan and any time somebody is looking suspicious one or more of us will spectate (we always have a few clan members sitting in spectate, so it doesn't look suspicious, even if they are just afking). In the last several nights we have caught, recorded demo's for punkbuster to review and ban, and server banned 2 cheaters. Our clan has a pretty good list of people we have gotten banned via punkbuster.
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