Halo 2 CD key in registry??

Hello all,
I have a legal copy of Halo 2 installed on a hard drive that I am about to wipe. I cannot start the game due to the fact that the PC i just installed the HDD in doest have good enough hardware. I can't install the drive in my gaming rig because it's a 2.5" ATA HDD. Is it possible to get the CD key out of the registry? I searched for "halo 2" in the registry and found one entry that might be it, but I want to be sure. If I could get a response as soon as possible i would be grateful.

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  1. Did I ever say I didn't have the DVD? No, sir, you are mistaken. I do not have the box. And the key is on the box.

    I scratched the DVD but I backed it up onto an ISO so I was able to reburn it. And my issue with starting the game is the physical hardware limitations of the new laptop I installed my hard drive in. It's what $1800 bought you in 2002, and it doesn't seem to like Halo 2. So... I'm stuck with trying to find the damned key in the registry. Or I never play the game again. Which would be a shame.
  2. If you own a legal copy, then you already have a printed copy of the CD-Key.
  3. As we have no way of knowing whether you do have a legal copy or not we cannot help you.
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