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Hey, this is in regard to Steam, which most of you would probably know.

Now I'm not stupid and I don't get fooled by those hijackers who try to steal my password. But today one of my friends was hacked and a bot sent me a link that looked legit so I opened it. It didn't ask for any passwords or usernames but it looked like the Steam website but I knew it was fake. Now almost instantly after opening this website meanwhile playing Team Fortress 2, I was logged out of Steam as I had been somehow signed in elsewhere.

Another Steam friend got spammed by the bot and recorded the IP address, although I'm not sure whether its accurate or not. I had to change my password in order to get my account back and luckily nothing bad had happened.

Have any of you heard of such a program before that could do this? And I do run frequent virus scans and have a firewall.


P.S, this has happened to a few of my other friends as well.
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  1. Whether it's STEAM or other programs requiring authentication, I simply don't recommend opening links that aren't coming from a trusted source. Now, if you get your STEAM account "hacked", contact steam immediatly before your account gets revoked or cancelled.

    HTML and other internet languages can be quite powerful if the "user" isn't being careful on which links they click, etc. Please be careful or up your security settings.
  2. I have been using Steam from the get-go, never seen or heard of this issue.

    Contact :
  3. I know of a friend who has a while bunch of his accounts (including steam) raided, although I think from a trojan.

    I also know of a couple of friends who were foolish enough to enter steam username and passwords into a phishing webpage that looked like the steam store when promised 3 free games through a popup from another friend who had had their account hijacked.

    So stuff does go on, just be uber-careful of links even if they appear to come from friends
  4. It's fairly simple to get your account back. I don't use my actual credit card, just those online gift cards so that I don't have to worry about someone getting any personal information. The only one who sends me links is a furry *** anyway ;p
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