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Bad Company 2

Up until recently I have had quite quick load times for Bad Company 2. I have not changed system specs, installed new software, or upgraded drivers (ATI 10.4). I have however allowed programs to update as usuall (windows, antivirus). Recently I have been running into problems with really slow load times. I was wondering if others have recently run into this problem or if it might just be me. System specs can be found below.

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  1. BC2 seems to load about the same for me, No real change for me.
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    I have the 10.4's and it takes around 8-9 seconds to load. I would suggest you look in your ATI folder to make sure you do not have more than one driver installed. If you are using "Steam" it most likely that you have more than one driver installed since Steam auto updates the drivers. If this is not the case then try a fresh driver install and use driver-sweeper to remove everything related to ATI/AMD/CCC.


    1. Download the driver and save to desktop.

    2. Remove the existing driver via the control panel/ATI Catalyst Install Manager.

    3. Run driver-sweeper and remove anything related to ATI/AMD/CCC and reboot.

    4. Run driver sweeper again, if all files have been removed proceed to installing the new driver, reboot, done.
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  4. I found out that my Application Profiles were updated to 10.9 but I was using 10.4. When I reverted back to 10.4 I loaded in about 10-12 seconds.
  5. I'm glad it worked out for you =)
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