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Are there any motherboards at the moment that support an AMD 64 4000 straight from retail without the need of a BIOS update? I ask because while the CPU is supported by a lot of motherboards currently on the market, a lot of them require a BIOS update before you can actually use it. And there's no way i'm buying two CPU's just so i can update the bios :)

My current system is an amd 2400+ XP, so there's no hope of using my existing processor as an intermediate. Anyone out there know how to update the BIOS without a CPU? :D
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  1. Just order from a vender that will do it for you. Monarch computers will flash the bios before shipping for about $10 extra. Last I heard, newegg doesn't offer this service.
  2. Also, most of today's boards will function well enough with an incompatible BIOS to allow flashing a new BIOS version.

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