Hi! Was wondering how Fallout 3 + New Vegas will run on my laptop

I recently purchased an Aspire 5542 laptop for college and gaming. I'm not looking to play Crysis or any of that silliness. I mainly play WoW, SC2, and LOL, all of which I can play on high settings fluidly. I'm interested in playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas now and was hoping I could run it on my laptop. I'm not looking for all the bells and whistles, hopefully medium settings. I would even be satisfied with low settings, as long as the game played smoothly.

This is what i'm running;

Windows 7
4GB ram
AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M500 (2 CPUs) ~ 2.2 GHZ ... :(
ATi HD 4560 1GB memory.

So, whats the consensus ?
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  1. I was able to play fallout 3 on low settings (and low fps) on a system with a first-gen Turion, IGP, and most likely slower RAM. So, I think low settings will get you a decent framerate, maybe even on mid settings. Try this:

  2. I don't think you can enjoy the games with that set up.
  3. This is why companies post min and recommend specs so you can work it out yourself.
    PS And you never go by the min. specs
  4. It should be able to run both games at low settings. I would not buy both games at the same time. Go with FO3 first since I've seen numerous people complaining about FO:NW performance on systems more powerful than what you have.

    The minimum requirements for FO3 is a Pentium 4 2.4Hz or equivalent and a GeForce 6800 / X850. The Radeon HD 4650 is slightly more powerful than the X850. However, those are desktop specs, not laptop specs.

    Generally speaking, laptop video cards are about 10% - 15% slower than the desktop version.
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