Fallout 3 wont install

I have had nothing but trouble with this game. I put it in to the computer and right from the start it kept crashing.I updated my video card drivers,no help actually it made it worse. Now every time I put the disc in it says to install the game.I have deleted and reinstalled the game so many times but no luck.My card is an nvidia 9600 gt.Hopefully someone can help.
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  1. What OS are you using?

    I have installed and played it on my gaming PC which has Win XP. I have also installed on my HTPC which I am using to evaluate Win 7.

    My HTPC has a 9600 GT and Fallout 3 played fine with version 1.0. Curiously when I updated it to version 1.7 it stopped working. Wasn't too concerned since I was just testing it's compatiblity with Win 7. I haven't yet bothered to fix the issue or uninstall FO3 from my HTPC.
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