Quadfire 5970 vs 480


ive read some of the scaling articles on here..yet none of them mention scaling 2 5970's..
is this still the fastest graphics solution to date?
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  1. Nah!

    4 = 480's is the Fastest Setup I know.

    Soon to be 4 = 580's From EVGA.

    I saw a Guy using 4 = 480@800mhz with 2 Xeon X5680's@ 4.0GHz in a duel socket Config with EVGA's SR2.

    Scary Fast system, just the 2 CPUs alone scored l think 27 points in Cinebench 11.5.
  2. fastest setup, faster than 2 5970 4 gig cards?
    for gaming that is..

    so it would be a neck and neck comparion with the 2 4 gig 5970's and 4 480's, wouldnt it?

    I do know that ATI's support of quadfire isnt the best yet..

    are there any benchmarks that compare these extreme solutions that none really has lol?

    I like my 4 gig 5970..

    how well can 4 cards scale anyway?

    just curious..thanks for the reply

    I wonder where the 980x falls into the performance category
  3. 5970's are actually underclocked compared to the 5870s. Asus Ares cards are technically dual 5870's on 1 PCB.

    However at the price Asus is selling one of 'em I pretty sure you can get 2 480's and a liquid cooling system to overclock those suckers or three factory 480's.

    Either way it seems (and don't quote me on this) that Nvidia defintely wins when it comes to multicard solutions with this round.

    But who knows what next week brings.
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