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Hey everyone. I have some old games that I would like to play again which simply do not play well in Windows 7. Even with tons of tweaks and whatnot, Id rather just install a copy of XP. Here is what I wanted to do:

Hard drive 1: 60GB SSD
Hard drive 2: 150 GB 10k RPM
Hard drive 3: 1TB

I wanted to install Windows 7 on hard drive 1 (SSD) and then a copy of Windows XP on hard drive 2 (10k) and dual boot between them. Is this possible? If so, how?

I dont want to waste any space on my SSD installing XP and I really dont want to go through the trouble of aligning the partitions on it just for a copy of XP when Windows 7 does this automatically. My other concern is that my BIOS is set to run in AHCI mode because of the SSD - would this interfere with a dual boot setup if I installed XP on a separate hard drive that is not SSD?
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  1. I don't see any issues w/ your plan.
    If this is a fresh install, then i'd suggest only have the SSD plugged in when you install Win7 just to be extra sure where the boot partition is going. From there, just install the other OS from the XP Disk. Upon setup, it will ask you which partition to use, and just pick D: (or whatever you've named the hard drive you want to use).
  2. Will I automatically be given a dual boot menu when starting the machine then or do I need to utilize software to make that happen?
  3. Install XP first, disable the other drives during install, then install Windows 7, Windows will create a boot menu for you.
    Installing XP after W7 will disable the W7 bootloader, always install the oldest os first where possible.
    The only problem could be if your 2nd drive 10k rpm is SATA you will need sata drivers on floppy or slipstreamed onto the XP SP1 or later instalation disk, or set bios to PATA compatability mode.
  4. it'll come up automatically after the BIOS POSTs.
    There will be a screen that for 30 seconds will ask which OS you want (you can shorten or lengthen the time in Windows later) before it picks your default OS.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. Ill give it a shot tonight.
  6. Yea so this didnt work, guys. Here is what I did:

    -Unplugged the SSD
    -Switched BIOS setting from AHCI to IDE (Windows wouldnt recognize any HDs otherwise)
    -Started machine with Windows XP disc in
    -Formatted my 10k HD and installed Windows XP. Finished install.
    -Changed BIOS back to AHCI and plugged SSD back in.
    -Installed Windows 7 on the SSD

    I do not get a dual boot menu. It boots right into Windows 7. So now what do I do?
  7. You have 2 choices, enter bios and change boot drive priority to the one you want to boot, keeping them independant of one another, or download EasyBCD to fix the bootloader.> http://download.cnet.com/EasyBCD/3000-2094_4-10556865.html

    Had you not disabled the XP drive after instalation Windows 7 would have created the boot menu for you after it finished installing.
    Not to worry EasyBCD will fix it.
  8. +1 EasyBCD works great
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