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I plan on waiting for the new 6000 Radeon GPU and using it to go with a new monitor. Price range: <$800. I read 2ms response time and 120 Hz refresh rate were the best for shooters, is this true? Not sure what inch size is the best, contrast ratio or resolution. And does LCD-LED-Plasma make a difference? Please post your recommendations and any informative info. Thanks.
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  1. haha yes you answered your own question. 2ms response, 120hz, high contrast ratio and maybe 3d capable if ur into that sort of crap.

    It doesn't matter what company u buy from, because its probably made by samsung anyways lol.

    Get 24" monitor unless ur 2 poor...then get a smaller one. OR in the case that you are too rich...get a larger one.
  2. If your into actually having a full range of color then you might consider an IPS panel monitor as opposed to the fast response time of the TN panels.

    for IPS panels i recommend the dell u2311. Its a 23" monitor for the price of a nice 24" TN panel

    If you live in a colder climate and think 23" is too small then get the u2410 also by dell. It has even larger color rage, but produces an uncomfortable amount of heat if left on for some time. Another thing to consider is that the u2410 is exactly twice the price of the awesome u2311.

    the myth that IPS panels are not suitable for fast paced shooters is silly. Modern dell IPS screens have totally acceptable reponse times and input lag. I play bfbc2 on my u2410 and notice no input lag or ghosting. The colors are amazing. GL gentlemen.
  3. I actually hate dell, but if you look at the charts you will find that dell has one of the few IPS panels with game-able input lag and response times. I think LG makes the panel.
  4. Thanks for the input so far. Here's some of the models I'm currently looking at:
    Alienware OptX AW2310: 23" / 3ms RT / 120Hz Refresh Rate / 1920 x 1080 / 80,000:1 CRatio
    Acer GD235: 23.6" / 2ms RT / 120Hz Refresh Rate / 1920 x 1080 / 80,000:1 CRatio
    LG W2486L: 24" / 2ms RT / ?? Refresh Rate / 1920 x 1080 / 2,000,000:1 CRatio
    ASUS VG236H: 23" / 2ms RT / 120Hz Refresh Rate / 1920 x 1080 / 100,000:1 CRatio

    Not sure if I should go with one of these, and if I do which one?
  5. neato deal on the acer.

    don't like the glossy border on the LG.
  6. I plan on buying the Alienware OptX AW2310.
  7. I got a acer 24" LED monitor I have used it for 6 months now but I like the 24" LCD than the LED.
  8. It won't let me choose my own answer as the best xD
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