Dungeons & Dragons Online (new major update)!

There was a big update in Dungeons & Dragons Online yesterday. They added support for Directx 11, two new playable races (half-elves and half-orcs) and a lvl 12 adventure pack for players who prefer not to pay for the game. They also added a few very annoying bugs in the process but they are trying to fix them. :lol: In the future they will add some more prestige classes and a new main class (druid).

I started playing DDO over three months ago and so far I would say that it's not a bad MMORPG. You can play it for free nowadays and you get access to the most important features the game has to offer. The main goal in the game is to complete adventures with NPC or player companions. Adventures are narrated by a Dungeon Master. In many cases player character gains experience only for completing an adventure, not for killing monsters. An adventure usually lasts from 10 minutes to two or three hours depending on its length and how fast you play it. With some crazy dedication/addiction it is possible to get all premium adventures for free. A free player who completes all free adventures on all seven servers on very hard difficulty level gets enough points to be able to buy more than half of premium adventure packs and also unlocks some other premium features. After playing through all of the acquired premium adventures the player can get the rest of the remaining premium adventures.

The game has a lot in common with Neverwinter Nights, especially all the things associated with creating and developing a character. Overall, it is probably closer to NWN 2 but it runs as smoothly as NWN 1 on very old computers. It's like a hybrid of NWN and an old game called Heretic 2. The game has X/Y/Z axis, meaning that you can jump and fall (or fly in a gnome airship).
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  1. Meh, I couldn't quite get into it.

    Now, Guild Wars 2 sounds like something I would like. I loved the original GW, but GW2 is going to turn what GW1 did on it's head!
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