Worst game in the world?

I just bought and now installed Grand theft auto IV, and I absoulutley hate it. Its not optomised propally The graphics card terrible. I played it at All max settings @ 1680x1050 It was terrible extremely laggy. I did the Can you run it test and passed to recomended. Im very disapointed anyone else agree? Even at min settings its a bit choppy I am using a GTS 250 btw
way better than the recomended 8600GT wow I feel ripped off.
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  1. I though i already told before... hmm, i forgot.
    Anyway, GTA 4 is a BAAAAAD coded game, even HIGH END GAMING PC will still struggle to handle that game... :)
  2. can u get refunds on steam xD i wish u could because this game can suck my ****
  3. Also why didnt they optomize well man? Im really not happy that they put time into the console version yet us pc gamers get all the trash.
  4. Well, most of console game version is ended like this: bad performance.
    You should research more before you buy something. Well, about refund, i don't know neither about that...
    BTW, what the rest of your specs?
  5. Double post, also I have the following:

    Core 2 Duo E5400 2.7 GHz
    4 Gb's of 1033Mhz ram
    500GB Hitachi Harddrive
    Inno3D GTS 250 1GB

    I would think my computer can run a game from 2008 easily. Though the game all together isnt optomized
  6. Anything on GFWL. I bought a game that used Games for Windows Live and it was such a pain in the ass that i gave up on the whole game. I have played games on the system before but this was just stupid. Cant save games unless you log on. Cant log on until you Update. Updated then told i need a Xbox live account as well ?? What for a PC game do me a favour. OI GFWL DO ONE :fou:

    Mactronix :)
  7. I should of bought Fallout 3 it was the same price as Gta iv. Rockstar games are retarded for putting a game without optimizing well.
  8. Sorry 'bout that double post, like usual, bad connection in my country... :)
    Well, what about your CPU temp? what is your room temp?
    If you want, OC your CPU a little bit (3.0GHz) and i'm sure you will gain some fps...
    Basically, you need 3.0GHz+ Core 2 Duo or Quad Core CPU to run GTA 4 with decent setting...
  9. I Can get my cpu upto about 3.4Ghz but i dont wanna overclock it as its summer where i live and my case gets really hot i have a thermaltake v3 and it only have 1 120mm fan.
  10. Okay, it's okay, i just want to pointed you that you can get more performance if you push your cpu a little bit...
    Or you can forget that game, that's a bad coded game...
  11. I can run GTA4, I used to run it on an 8800GTS 512Mb, which is a similar card to yours, just lower clocks. Your bottleneck is your CPU. If you upgraded to a Quad Core you would run the game a lot better. Your C2D 5400 has only an 800MHz FSB and only 2MB L2 cache. Im running it on a C2D e6750 which has 1333MHz FSB and 4MB L2 cache. And Im running my CPU at 3.56GHz. If you had a more powerful CPU you would be able to run this game on "normal" settings just fine.

    I played it at All max settings @ 1680x1050 It was terrible extremely laggy.

    If you max out the settings in GTA4 you will find that it warns you because you dont have 1.5GB of VRAM. You need to lower the settings until you are WELL WITHIN THE VRAM THAT YOU HAVE. It tells you how much VRAM you are using as you change the settings. You need that number in the green or else you will get massive lag due to continuous swapping.

    GTA4 is a console game, developed primarily for the XBox 360. If you max out the settings you are running it at a higher setting than the console version. Aim to run it as the "normal" settings, which would be automatically set when you load the game for the first time.

    Dont play a game at a setting which requires more powerful hardware than you have, and then complain about the performance. Thats just stupid.
  12. If you're looking for a fun sandbox shooter, try Just Cuase 2. I found that to be a very fun game, and runs pretty well. But I can also say I think it is your CPU holding you back. I used to play GTA IV on my E8400 with my 8800GT 512MB and it would run, but I had to lower the settings a bit. It wasn't that great of a game anyways...
  13. It's your CPU that is the issue(and that you are maxing the settings, turn em down some.) OC the CPU up to 3.4 like you say you can and then it should run decently. You can get an onscreen display of core temps with rivatuner to keep an eye on them. If they get too high at least you tried, it's all you can do.
    As for the thread title I believe it is universally accepted that E.T. for the Atari 2600 was the worst game ever.
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  15. thanks a lot for the info my brother almost bought one.
  16. The fact that the PC port of GTA IV sux has been known for a long time... Like when it was first released back in Nov/Dec 2008.
  17. GTA IV was horribly optimized for PC, the patch when EFLC came out helped a bit, but it still was horrible.

    IMO, the worst coded game is Fallout: New Vegas, according to FRAPS, I'm getting 60 FPS constantly, but there is almost constant stuttering. So my guess is that its just a crappy animation thing. Hopefully they'll patch it.

    EDIT: It may be a 64-bit thing, though.
  18. No, just no,

    This is the worst:

  19. victordilorenzo said:
    No, just no,

    This is the worst:


    If you are going back to the Atari 2600 the ET game was probably the worst.
    And Pitfall might have been the best. : )
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