20 fps in CSS

guyz when i play Css online i got 200 fps.
kindly tell me the solution
my Laptop specs are:

Core 2 duo 1.5 Ghz
Graphics card:
Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
Maximum Graphics Memory: 358 MB

Ram: 2 gb
HD: 180Gb
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  1. More information please.

    You used to get 200fps? And now you only get 20fps on the same system??? Typo?

    Please clarify your issue.
  2. sorry i wrote 200 instead of 20...
    im getting 20 fps while playing online counter strike source
    the game start lagging.

    please tell me the solution
  3. Intel graphics, and a 1.5GHz duo...
    There's your problem~What's the resolution you're playing at?
  4. i have played 800x600 and also 1024x768
    in window mode and also full screen. some time fps goes to 30 or 35 but mostly its 20 fps
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