Delete folder without deleting contents

Is there a quick way to move items out of multiple folders at once? (track files out of multiple cd folders)
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  1. If you are looking to move files from multiple child folders, you can perform a search for all files in Windows Explorer in the parent folder. Then move them where you want.

    If you are looking for a batch file, I can write one up if you give me more details. What is the name of the parent folder, where you want them moved to.
  2. if its audio files you want to organize, i suggest you look no farther than Media Monkey (wow i sound like a salesman). But seriously, it is the best program to organize and retag music.
    And, its FREE.
  3. don't kill the messenger here. just a suggestion:

    if you happen to have a mac around, you can use list view to manage files within a single directory tree. i do this frequently, mounting the volume as an SMB share remotely and managing the files that way.

    tip: navigate one directory higher than you want to manage; option + turn down the folder arrow. this will expand all nested directories in one window. then, command-click the files you want to move en-masse. for example, if you want to manage files at c:\music\my cds, navigate to c:\music\ (on the mac remember) and opt-click the arrow next to the my 'cds directory'. this will expand every directory in my cds, in one window.

    if this is a one-time thing, it might be worth investigating. if you regularly need to manage the files then maybe a windows solution may be worth waiting for.
  4. Sure, you can open the folder, tap Ctrl-A to "select all" files, and then hit the Delete key.
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