My PC specs are

GTS 250 1 gb

Most of the latest games like just cause 2,mafia 2 crashes right after the game starts..sometimes its shows a blue screen and drivers are updated..please help
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  1. I suspect it is your RAM. What version is your Windows - I have 32 and 64 on my AMD Phenom X4 955 BE with no problems (little problems with configuration but that's all). I choose a memory that match my CPU - g.skill.
  2. I have corsair ram 2x2 gb..ram is ok..i have tested it with memtest+
  3. Sounds like this may be a problem with components overheating. Does your video card have a fan attached and can you check to make sure it's spinning while the computers on...
  4. Just to make sure and cover all the bases, these are legit copies, right? Now that that's out of the way... Can you, or have you, checked event viewer for some specifics? Can you post any entries here that might be related?
  5. I have been having issues with sims 2 crashing and just today I found it was the SoundMax audio drivers that were crashing the game. Go into control panel device manager and disable the sound. Then try the game if it works it is sound...
  6. I have checked the temperature..machine idles at 42c..underload its around 58C..i have coolermaster temps not an windows is genuine and without any problem..
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