DeadRising 2 ! NEED HELP ,please !

Hi guys , the persons that have played darksiders will understand what i am sayin

After Doing few Missions , TV show tells that u were badguy ( u helped zombies GET OUT ) so u get some Optional Mission which conserns to 3 CASES & if u fail 3 parts of ur Missions list will be like this ( X ) means that i failed in that mission . so what would happen if i fail ? will story & levels gonna change ? which one is better ? ( to do those missions to prove ur innocence ) or let it Fail & countinue ? ITS some how Complex i dont know what should i do in that SHORT TIME ? PLEASE HELP

Its some how reminds me the STALKER optional mission ( help ur friend or not )
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  1. Is this a legit copy of the game?
  2. Yes MR MM , dont worry , butaway its not Cracking problem , its a natrual question about game Level .
  3. Yes , i mean if i say all games are Pirated then i should go to holiday , important is that i am not talking about Cracking or something like that , second , i am talking about game story , its a question that even american would ask ( doesnt consern to GAME piracy ) ,after that , its not my fault , its about the Country that i am living in , i realy Dont do anything wrong , i just go & buy those games . U KNOW ABOUT IRAN's Condition so dont INDICT me .
  4. These games are all around the IRAN , i cant refuse to buy them because there is no ORIGINAL CD . MAZIAR , that is one of Moderators in this site , will give u full INFO about it . ( he is Native iranian ) but i am armenian ( chrsitian ) that lives in IRAN .
  5. If the game is pirated then you won't get no help here, whatever the question about it is.
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