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In need of a good RPG.

I don't know if it is me but I am finding an extreme lack of RPGs on the market I can enjoy. I am looking for something that still has an older FF, BoF, etc. feel to it, and it seems today you can only find something with an FPS flair to it. I am looking for something on the PS3, Xbox 360, or even PC that I will enjoy that does not have any FPS elements. I really had fun with Fallout 3 but I am done and left wanting something different.

RPGs I have enjoyed:
Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12
Breath of Fire 1, 3
Skies of Arcadia
Legend of the Dragoon
Dark Cloud
Chrono Trigger
Wild Arms 2

More I'm sure but just some games that came to mind. I have never really gotten into Dragon Quest so i don't know what I am missing there. Can anyone make some suggestions?

I don't know if RPG style has changed but I don't feel like most I have seen quite live up to the older style I enjoy.

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    Something I enjoyed DESPITE the FPS addition:
    Borderlands - FPS with RPG elements (levelling up, skill trees, variable quality weapons) - very fun game with a relatively unusual graphical style and a nice sense of humour.

    Other more traditional RPG fare:
    Dragon age: origins - fantasy setting, traditional classes/stories, very plot-led.

    Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 - Star Wars setting, but very traditional RPG feel. Again, very plot and conversation led. (made by the same people as DA:O)

    Torchlight - very cheap and fun action-RPG (lots of killing things and looting, less plot - sort of like Diablo stuff)

    Titan Quest (plus addon "the immortal throne") - one of the best action RPGs ever IMO. Massively replayable (there are 8 'masteries', and any character can have two of them, including doubling up in one mastery, so there are a potential 64 different character classes before you spend a single talent point!) - set in ancient/mythical times, you fight through ancient greek, egyptian and chinese legends basically. Very addictive, lots of different play styles (anything from a pure magic user to a dual-weilding barbarian to a thief to a sword-and-board heavy tank to a ranger to a class relying on pets... Still has a fairly active modding community too, if you somehow get bored of the main game.

    If you're willing to give a very different game type a go, try the free trial of an MMO - you may find you like it! I suggest World of Warcraft (massive player base, so there is a lot of information out there), Guild Wars (don't know if there's a free trial, but it's liked by a lot of folks) or the Lord of the Rings one.
  2. I say Dragon Age, it's a great RPG that's recent.
  3. dalta centauri said:
    I say Dragon Age, it's a great RPG that's recent.

    Agreed! I'm not very into JRPGs but I do love Western RPGS(ironic eh?) So I definitely recommend Dragon Age, Oblivion, Fable: The Lost Chapters maybe even Fallout 3/New Vegas or Mass Effect if you wanna try out something more exotic
  4. oldies but goodies .............
  5. I've done the MMO thing ha ha, but can't continue with classes in session as it makes for some very tired mornings. (O-chem gets much more difficult on 4 hours of sleep).

    I will have to try Dragon Age Origins. I have a couple friends who are really into it. I can check it out for free at my campus library so no reason to not give it a shot one of these weekends.

    What is the combat like in the game?

  6. Haven't played DAO on a console, but have played it extensively on the PC. There's a tactics screen where you can set the various character combat tactics that operate whenever you're not directly controlling them. I usually have a tank character set up with heavy armor and excellent shield skills to take the attention of most of the enemies, with mages and archers at a safe distance to deal most of the damage. Best role to take for your main character is rogue, as you can learn a stealth skill that at the highest level will let you sneak away and recuperate should you run out of health poltices. Also lets you pick a lot of locks that are otherwise unopenable.
  7. Suikoden is a good one. It's pretty old but it's one of my favorites.

    Suikoden 2 is good too.

    Valkyria Chronicles for Ps3 is very good. There are guns in it but it's not FPS.

    Disgaea is a nice grid strategy rpg. Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics which is also very good.

    Star Ocean series is good.

    I've heard good things about Resonance of Fate, but I haven't played it yet. I want to get it.

    The Ps2 Wizardry is good.

    Legend of Legia is good. Ps1

    Chrono Cross isn't as good as Trigger but it's still ok.

    The Dragon Quest series is worth checking out.

    Fable is good.

    Also heard good things about The Last Remnant but I haven't played it yet either. Another one that I want to get.

    Rogue Galaxy is good.

    Grandia is ok.

    Enchanted Arms. Some like it some don't. I didn't.
  8. BAsed on that list, you look like a lover of JRPG's like me. Sadly...thats one area not doing well on consoles these days. Theres a lot of life on handhelds though...

    On my end, I'm looking forward to the release of the next Golden Sun game; that series is shooting up my greatest RPG list quite fast (Right now, I have the series right behind Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest III, unseating Lufia II for the number 3 spot on my list).
  9. Hi!
    all depends on what you want: or you need meat and blood / or you need real RPG
    I like meat and blood
    so... I can advice you Diablo 1 and 2
    also Scred and Dungeon Siege!

    This is my favourite RPGs
  10. ^ Yes, Dungeon Siege is pretty good too, for an older game. Did Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 ever come out for consoles? Played both of those on the PC as well. DAO is less linear than any of these, not only because of all the side quests that get locked out or unlocked according to your decisions in the game, but also the fact that certain decisions you make will affect the outcome of the game itself.
  11. Hearing all these other games makes me realize I have spent a majority of my gaming in the RPG realm.

    I am playing Star Ocean Second Story right now and I severely regret not buying it when it came out. I believe I chose Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver over it... Sad day.

    I played the first Golden Sun but never got around to the second.

    Diablo 2 was great and I am looking forward to 3!

    It looks like I will have to get my RPG fix from the older generations of video gaming for the most part. The PS1 has so many awesome RPGs I need to play still. The SNES has some I still need to check out but I find many too similar to what I have played before. It is hard to play when it wasn't really my generation of games I grew up with.
  12. Yeah Ps3 hasn't released any great RPG's yet that I know of except for Valkyria Chronicles which is outstanding. If you haven't played that one yet I highly recommend it. Final Fantasy 13 was disappointing but still worth playing. Ps2 has some good ones that aren't that old though. Rogue Galaxy isn't very old and it's pretty good.
  13. I just found out that The Last Remnant wasn't released for Ps3 so I might see if I can find a copy for PC.
  14. If you have a SNES, try and get a copy of Shadowrun. Hard to belive they made only one good game from that brilliant IP, and it was a SNES RPG.
  15. Gamerboy said:
    Yeah Ps3 hasn't released any great RPG's yet that I know of except for Valkyria Chronicles which is outstanding. If you haven't played that one yet I highly recommend it. Final Fantasy 13 was disappointing but still worth playing. Ps2 has some good ones that aren't that old though. Rogue Galaxy isn't very old and it's pretty good.

    I have FF13 and have played the majority of it. I am on Chapter 12 or 13 and just haven't finished it. Such a disappointment. Still have high hopes for Versus 13 though!
  16. How can anybody feel the lack of RPGs when there is wonderful place like Playspan marketplace. There is a huge bunch of rpg's and mmorpg's :pt1cable: Just check out... Well I suggest Dungeons dragons online and guild wars. :wahoo:
  17. FF8 for PC definitely one worth repeating over and over.
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