Amd k6-3+ & Epox EP-MVP3G

Wondering If this MB supports the Amd k6-3+ processors or anyone had this combo. It does have 1.8v support but epox says it doesnt support the mb. It would be nice to get this because its only around $60 right now and I have a k6-2 333. Any body think I should try and see if it works?

Also Im looking to spend around $200 +/- 30$ for a video card. Whats a good geforce 2 card. I was thinking Asus but I had problems with them before(a url with a shop with the card would be nice also). Thnx
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  1. It depends on exactly which model you have. I have the MVP3G-M with a 1Mb BIOS. It doesn't support the K6-X+ CPU's, but you just oder a new $15 BIOS chip from Epox and flash it with a new BIOS and it'll support it (according to the posts on the AmdZone forum <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. If you have a newer model like the MVP3G-2 or -5, then all you need is to upgrade to the latest BIOS. These BIOSes are the "beta" BIOS, only available on Epox's FTP site here: Read the readme file to see which bios is right for your model.
  2. If Epox won't support the boards and develop them, then screw them. I have a DFI board, socket7 and they not only support it, but they keep coming out with more and more refined BIOS updates. That's customer service, not that smoke that Epox is blowing...


    "My two cents..!"

    Screw it, stupid thing won't take what I tell it to (less than 100 characters too)
  3. Its the EP-MVP3G - 1mb so it looks like I gotta do that. Dont know if its really worth it, I wanna upgrade so and i figure get that if its availible and have 2 decent computers around the house, maybe I'll do it, Thanks for the help.
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