any All-in-One mainboard avilabe for K7 system

Is there any all-in-one mainboard avilable for AMD Thurderbird system?
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  1. No there isn't anything like an i810 chipset.
  2. Why would you ever want a All-In-One motherboard unless you are just using it for businesses. All-in-one motherboards seriously limit you when it comes time to upgrade.
  3. But all in ones are great for cheap, no need to ever upgrade systems. Like for the wife, the parents....
  4. Amen to that, ' really, really don't want one. An even BIGGER problem with all-in-ones is that the graphics chip shares memory with the system and that slows things to a crawl. You'll never get the full potential of the CPU or the graphics core, no matter how good either one of them may be.

    My oldest daughter's system is a Celery 466 with an all-in-one mobo (PC-Chips 748LMRT....yes, I know it's garbage) and my 3 year-old has a K6-2 366 (nudged). Anyhoo, I can plop an S3 ViRGE on the 366--not a ViRGE GX or DX, but the original, slug-slow ViRGE 325--and it will STILL outrun the 466 on any D3D software.

    Bottom line: All-in-one boards slow everything to a crawl. If you bought a cheep video card on a basic motherboard you'd be much better off.

    Have fun.

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