Game isnt working on Windows 7

i have a game that i used to play on windows xp pro - 32bit (game was designed for windows 2000 and XP)

i am using windows 7 ultimate 64bit right now and the game installed but it wont load.. Does windows 7 have a way it can resemble windows xp?
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  1. wait for drivers to mature and maybe the game will run
  2. What's the game?
  3. maybe you can load virtualbox and install xp or 2000 in a virtual computer and run the game like that.
  4. Win 7 pro and ultimate have xp mode.
  5. yea, so if your game works on xp but wont on 7, then use the VirtualBox and play it on xp mode using windows 7.
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    XP mode is not built for gaming, guys. You don't have access to GPU acceleration in XP mode. @kylo, please tell us what the game is, and then I can do a little research.
  7. ok...its called blitzkrieg 2... its an old game...

    i just looked up some stuff and there is a new version called (blitzkrieg 2 liberation) its a whole new game.. kinda like an expansion pack i guess and it runs on vista..(so it should work on windows 7)

    thanks guys... i think i will just look into buying the new version (better graphics and stuff)
  8. Glad to hear. I'm also holding thumbs that I can get all my old stuff to work when I switch to 7.
  9. i am currently using the windows 7 RC.. and so far only thats the only game that hasent worked.. everything else works like normal..

    I pre-ordered windows 7 home premium 64bit... :)!!!
  10. keep a spare computer with windows xp and internet connection so you can play those old games that aren't compatible with windows 7 whenever you feel the need to. thats my plan anyway.
  11. Is XP-mode also 64-bit? I don't know. But if the game has any 16-bit code it won't work. Given the age of the game, it's quite possible.
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