HP Laser Jet Printer not working with new computer

I just installed a new computer with Windows 8 and now my printer HP Laser Jet 1022 doesn't work or is not being recognized. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix? I like my printer.
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  1. Well, your first mistake was installing Windows 8 onto your computer. lol, jk...but not really.

    There almost ZERO drivers for any hardware for Windows 8 yet.

    Remember when people couldn't get anything to work on Windows Vista when it first came out? Same issues...

    I think Windows 8 will do well for ONLY people with a touch screen device. The rest of us with a mouse and keyboard will strongly prefer Windows 7.
  2. Hello,

    The Win-8 HCL shows your printer is compatable with Win-8. Here is the website


    Says you need to download the driver (free). I'd try for now the Win-7 32 or 64 bit version depending on your OS.

    Other thing you can do is go the the Printers and Devices center, Add a Printer, when it asks for a disc or driver path, have windows search and download the additional drivers available for win-8, HP, and see if it is available yet. If not you'll have to wait, but I would think the Win-7 driver should work fine.
  3. The Windows 7 driver will work just fine with Win 8
  4. ittimjones said:
    There almost ZERO drivers for any hardware for Windows 8 yet.

    Sorry, but this statement is completely wrong. There are lots of devices out there that are supported under Windows 8. I'm using quite a few of them. Granted, the various major OEM's are still catching up in terms of fully optimizing their drivers for Windows 8, but they do work. Microsoft's number of 420,000,000 devices might be a bit inflated (however, Steven Sinofsky may have been specifically referring to Windows RT when this figure was thrown out during his keynote address at the Windows 8 launch event though, I can't recall exactly), but emphasizing that there are zero drivers available for Windows 8 is ridiculous and does nothing but spread FUD.
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