Defragmenting your Raid 0+1

Hello guys!
My question might seem a bit stupid, but i don't know to much about software...

Well here it goes. i have a raid 0+1 set in my computer and the other day i was going to defragment it, but a friend of mine told me that the option to defragment hard drives is default by windows and that maybe because of the way that the raid stores data this could end up in me screwing up the whole thing. Is this true or i can defragment my hard drive (or better said my raid system) without worries??

Thanks very much for your answers.

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  1. You shouldn't have any problem defraging an array. Though I don't see to much reason to, it is so fast anyway there isn't much of a point :)
    Of course I reformat my machine so often I really never notice any slowdown, lol.

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  2. yea right, some how my hd got up to 60% fragmented after playing hl2 for a while. the game started stuttering an awful lot. i defragged and it went away. thats on my 2 striped raptors.

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  3. you shouldnt listen to your freind about anything ever again because he has proven himself to be computer retarded.

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  4. I admit my strong point is networking not computer hardware but my raid0 raptors show no signs of slowing down no matter how fragmented they get. My current install is the longest one I've had, almost a year. I have HL, HL2 and every mod installed as well as lots of other games. I also do a fair ammount of photoshop work and that causes tons of fragmentation. I think my raptors are around 80% fragmented or so right now and they are just as fast as my freash install.

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  5. well it does depend on the files that are fragmented. could also be that your freespace is fragmented. that doesnt affect too much. but my hl2 problem was due to the map pack file (at least i think that was it was) was fragmented into close to 1800 fragments rofl. if it were on a single drive the game would have been unplayable.

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  6. If you go long enough without defragging eventually you will start to notice it.

    My file system benchmarks got a very noticiable boost after I defragged for the first time in 6 months :)
  7. Thanks all of you for your answers! :)

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