Amd K6-3+ and Shuttle Hot-569

According to the latest bios, the shuttle hot-569 supports the k6-3. Has anyone gotten the k6-3+ to work? The 569 has the 2.0 voltage setting. the bios has an error "unknown processor". Is the k6-3+ that much different from the k6-3?
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  1. Never buy shuttle motherboards. I have worked with many of them with clients and i have had nothing but trouble. Always go with an Abit or Asus. You'll be happy that u did.
  2. thanks for the board recommendations. I did have an asus t2p4 until my keyboard port died (it was the keyboard not the mb). I don't want to buy a new socket 7 board. I just want to give this system a little boost. This board has been solid with a 233mmx running at 292mhz. I'm trying for 500mhz on the k6-3+.
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