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Hey. I just wanted to know what everyone's favorite gaming console is. It can be anything except PC because technically it's not a console and every single one is different which means everyone has a different experience on a computer. It can be any console ever made, and please say why. If people start to bash on other consoles, your post will be deleted. My personal favorite thing to game on is the PC, but like i said it is not a console, so my favorite console to game on is the XBOX 360, for many reasons. One, it's diversity and it's ever growing possibilities. Another thing I like is it's controller, it seems very natural to hold. The next reason is it's game selection, and interface (the dashboard). I also like XBOX Live despite how expensive it is getting. I do not prefer the XBOX 360 because it's graphics, PS3 and 360 are pretty much equal, depending on what game. And last, I like how customizable everything is (your avatar, bio, motto, theme, etc.) all that fun stuff. And now that XBOX has Kinect, it makes me prefer it even more. Please give me your honest opinion on this everyone. And feel free to ask any non-disrespectful questions and to kindly disagree with anything I said about why I like XBOX 360 the most.
(And last, ALL of my friends play XBOX.) :bounce:

Thanks in advance everyone!
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  1. jrwizbang said:
    If people start to bash on other consoles, your post will be deleted.

    And how are you going to do that exactly? :heink:
  2. I meant the whole thread sorry.
  3. Or i could contact a Moderator, such as yourself.
  4. Fair 'nuff! :lol:
  5. Personally, I'm a PS3 gamer (it's a long second after PC, but it's there).

    The deciding factors for me:
    .Neither PS3 nor 360 had a "must have" title/series that was console-exclusive - no sway
    .PS3 more costly, but complete. Xbox cheaper, but requires expensive addons for high-def disc, wireless etc.
    .I prefer the aesthetic of the PS3 hardware and software
    .PS3 makes an excellent media player - can play dvd, blu-ray, stream content over home network and has built-in access to BBC iPlayer. (Xbox can do some of these too, if it's important to you check them both out!)
    and then the big one:
    .More of my friends have PS3s than Xboxes, and I wanted to play with them in multiplayer.

    So there you go - both have good points, but the PS3 was right for me.
  6. ^+1
    PS3 is my preference. I don't care enough about the supposedly better multiplayer experience on Xbox or Halo enough to go buy their console, so I stick with Sony who offers a great product, more features, and the software to back it all up.

    In regards to Kinect, I've read a couple of accounts of people playing early versions back in June with not a lot to get excited about, considering the inaccuracy of the device in all. I have the Move and it's fun and very accurate, but there is a general lack of content, but that should be changing this holiday season. Here's an interesting article I read from a week ago that states MS isn't allowing reviewers to get there hands on Kinect with the obvious annotation of what that could mean...
  7. ^ +1 for me too, esp. the media player in the PS3. In fact the video scaler in my PS3 is better than the one in my Onkyo AV receiver, so when watching a DVD in 1080P, I set the Onk to bypass mode and let the PS3 do the upscaling.

    Only complaint I have so far is that the video camera that came with the Move motion controller is kinda cheap - picture looks grainy at times.
  8. I agree, if it weren't for Netflix (can you do Netflix on PS3 I'm not sure) and the fact that all my friends play xbox+Halo, I would def. go with PS3. Also, like I said, the controller seems more natural to me. After 3 years of playing the ps2, the XBOX controller was nice and easy to hold. I guess the reasons i like xbox are mostly for the aesthetics.
  9. Yes, you can watch Netflix on the PS3. For a while you had to use a Netflix disc, but they've recently fixed that so you can watch your flix over the net. There's an icon under the video section of the XMB.

    I agree with you in regards to the camera fazers_on_stun, although it supposedly does 8MP still shots, which ain't bad at all. It doesn't do a very good job in low light, but it sees that glowing ball at the end of the Move controller just fine, so I guess that's what really matters.
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