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Biggest CRT SDTV for GunCon 2 PS2 Games


Anybody know what make and model CRT SDTVs are out there that will work with GunCon 2 games on PlayStation 2 ? I'm looking for at least 36 inch, and preferably widescreen.
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  1. Look for old sony trinitron TVs. Be careful though. Don't hurt your back. They weigh like 200 lbs.
  2. We tried a Sony KV-36XBR450, which as a great extended resolution picture that makes the games look great, but it has way more than 480 scan lines, so you get multiple gun "hits" that move (it doesn't work with light guns). I have not tried it with a 100 Hz light gun though. By the way, Sony also made two even bigger CRT TVs, the KV-40XBR700 and the KV-40XBR800 (40", 4:3, a little over 300 lbs).

    We found a Toshiba CE36G18 which is not a flat screen, and it works fine. It does not support progressive scan, however. It's a pretty good 480i picture that's 36", so it's the best we've got for GunCon2 right now, but I'd prefer a flat screen with good antireflection (like the Sony) but with 480p scan lines.

    Does anyone know what make and model TVs the 100 Hz light guns are for ? Has anyone found anything that works on the Sony KV-36XBR450 or any other extended res Sony ?

    I know that the EMS TopGun works with LCD and Plasma TVs, but I'd still like to find the biggest/best TV(s) for GunCon2.

    You can get quite a bit of make and model information on lots of 36 inch and 40 inch CRT TVs at Great for GunCon2 if they're 480 lines.
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    There are dealers selling refurbished 34"+ CRT's online and on ebay but I see most of them are 1080i in which like you said, Guncon2 won't work properly. Plus, for the price you'll pay on this 1080i 36" CRT, you can easily get a modest 1080p LCD TV cheaper.

    If you can look up Craigslist or your local Mom and Pop electronics store. I'm sure you can find one but not for the price intended. I can see why you are persistent though. Light gun games are not what they used be (Time Crisis went down the drain ever since the fourth game) it's really rare to find a great shooter game nowadays.
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