Conflicts between VIA apollo pro133A & TNT2 cards

Do any of you know of any issues between VIA apollo pro 133A motherboards (GIgabyte) and TNT2 based agp cards.
The problems I am experiencing is between a gigabyte GA-6VX 4X and a Gigabyte GA 622 TNT2 M64. the PC run flawlessly in 2D but experiences constant lockups whenever a 3D application is run. I have tried updating bios, different bios configurations , driver updates (via agp drivers, motherboard and video card). at one point I also changed to another Via apollo pro133A based Gigabyte Mobo and a different tnt2 M64 and results wre the same...I am out of ideas.
I will appreciate all input.
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  1. Try this sequence.
    Switch to standard pci vga display
    reload via 4 - 1 drivers
    reload video drivers (version 5.33)
    reload direct x7a
  2. Or you can try the newest 6.31 detonator with the new Dx8
    going back in drivers even going to standard pci first
    this dont work. Hold a format C: party and reload os
    then put in the via 4-1 then standard nvidia 5.31 THEN DX8
    then check dxdiag (type at command prompt) to make sure the d3d crap is turned on

    Bored,Certified Tech
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